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Team announcement for the 18th FINA World Championships

Team announcement for the 18th FINA World Championships
Johannesburg, Friday, 5th July 2019 - The South African Aquatics team will begin their preparations for the Olympic Games next year when they compete at the 18th FINA World Championships. Mzansi’s best are set to hit the water from 12th to 28th July 2019 in the host city of Gwangju, South Korea.

Gauteng’s Micaela Bouter and Julia Vincent will be the first to compete in the Diving section of the competition at the Nambu International Aquatics Centre, while the Artistic Swimming Team will showcase their talent at the Yeomju Gymnasium. Both events will take place from 12th to 20th July.

The ladies’ Water Polo team will play their first match on 14th July when they take on the Netherlands followed by New Zealand and the USA, while the men’s side kick starts their campaign on 15th July against Spain and continue with games against New Zealand and Hungary.

Michelle Weber will be looking to add the World Championships Open Water title to her name when she races in the 5 and 10km swims from 13th to 19th July, alongside Robyn Kinghorn in the 5km.

Chad Ho will also participate in the 10km swim, while Danie Marais will be up against Ho in the 10km race, Michael and Christopher McGlynn will compete in the 5km event.

A team of 18 swimmers will take part in this very important competition in the build-up to the Olympic Games in Tokyo next year. The swimming programme begins on 21st of July and will close the event on 28th July.

The team includes the likes of Olympian Chad le Clos, breaststroke golden girl Tatjana Schoenmaker, Youth Commonwealth gold medalist Michael Houlie as well as Erin Gallagher and Ayrton Sweeney.

Youngsters Rebecca Meder, Zane Waddell and Dune Coerzee will also be looking to make a splash on the international stage as they represent South Africa at the 18th FINA World Championships.

In wishing the national team the best of luck for the FINA World Championships in Gwangju, Swimming SA CEO Shaun Adriaanse said: “The SA aquatics athletes are all champions in the eyes of Swimming SA and we trust that they will show the type of character, commitment and discipline, combined with their athletic skills of speed and strength, to become role models to our sports-loving fans across all communities in our country.”

Full team lists:



  1. Alaric Basson (EC)
  2. Ayrton Sweeney (KZN)
  3. Bradley Tandy (KZN)
  4. Chad Le Clos (WC)
  5. Christopher Reid (EC)
  6. Eben Vorster (FS)
  7. Michael Houlie (WC)
  8. Ryan Coetzee (KZN)
  9. Zane Waddell (FS)



  1. Dune Coetzee (AG)
  2. Emma Chelius (WC)
  3. Erin Gallagher (KZN)
  4. Kaylene Corbett (AG)
  5. Mariella Venter (AG)
  6. Nathania van Niekerk (AG)
  7. Rebecca Meder (KZN)
  8. Tatjana Schoenmaker (AG)
  9. Tayla Lovemore (KZN)


Men’s Water Polo:

  1. Etienne le Roux (AG)
  2. Lwazi Madi (WP)
  3. Liam Neill (WP)
  4. Nicholas Rodda (AG)
  5. Ignardus Badenhorst (AG)
  6. Mark Spencer (KZN)
  7. Dylan Cronje (KZN)
  8. Timothy Rezelman (AG)
  9. Ethan Baker (AG)
  10. Jason Evezard (WP)
  11. Sven van Zyl (AG)
  12. Don Stewart (KZN)
  13. Keegan Clark (WP)


Woman’s Water Polo:

  1. Kate Hinrichs (AG)
  2. Zanne Smit (AG)
  3. Jordan Wedderburn (AG)
  4. Nicola MacLeod (WP)
  5. Yanah Gerber (EP)
  6. Amica Hallendorff (WP)
  7. Christine Abrahamse (WP)
  8. Chloe Meecham (BOR)
  9. Emma Joubert (WP)
  10. Lucy Miszewski (WP)
  11. Georgia Moir (WP)
  12. Nthatisi Mota (WP)
  13. Lauren Nixon (WP)


Open Water:

10 km men

  1. Chad Ho (KZN)
  2. Danie Marais (KZN)


10km women

  1. Michelle Weber (KZN)


5km men

  1. Michael McGlynn (KZN)
  2. Christopher McGlynn (KZN)


5km women

  1. Michelle Weber (KZN)
  2. Robyn Kinghorn (KZN)


Artistic Swimming:

  1. Courtney Musson (EC)
  2. Laura Strugnell (WC)
  3. Emma Manners‐Wood (WC)
  4. Chloe Dundas-Starr (KZN)
  5. Faith Adonis (WC)
  6. Giulia Torino (KZN)
  7. Nadine Vaarland (WC)
  8. Nina Smith (EC)
  9. Sabrina Otto (WC)
  10. Sarah Williams (WC)
  11. Shannon Whyte (WC)
  12. Tayla-Jade van Huyssteen (EC)



  1. Micaela Bouter (AG)
  2. Julia Vincent (AG)



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Swimming South Africa

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Its objective is to encourage the practice of aquatic disciplines for all in South Africa with the purpose of promoting swimming as a life skill through Learn To Swim programmes; providing healthy exercise to South Africans of all ages and races; recruiting recreational swimmers to compete in the various competitions; and promoting competition and athlete development to the highest level. Swimming South Africa is kindly supported by SASCOC, National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund, Arena, Sport & Recreation SA and Rand Water.