Every South African a Swimmer

Swimming South Africa Rand Water Holiday Programme

Swimming South Africa Rand Water Holiday Programme
Swimming South Africa (SSA) urges the public to be extra vigilant and alert in and around water to avoid drowning accidents. Drownings are a sad and silent reality which leaves immense psychological scars on surviving family members and often devastates communities. These heartbreaking consequences can be reduced by learning to swim. SSA’s mission: ‘Every South African a Swimmer’ aims to provide aquatic programmes and services to the public that will ensure that every child in South Africa is able to swim.

It is estimated that at least 1 to 4 children suffer a serious near drowning event - leaving many of these children with permanent disabilities. Water safety education and swimming skills are some of the means and ways to prevent drowning accidents. In addition, swimming is a fun loving recreational activity with enormous physical, health and social benefits.

During the holiday season in particular children are often around water for recreational activities. Young children should be constantly supervised whenever they are near water. Drowning accidents do not only happen in pools, rivers, dams and the ocean. Shallow pools, ponds and buckets also pose a danger. Children’s paddling pools, baths, sinks and troughs should all be emptied immediately after use.

Unsupervised open water near informal settlements and urban areas are also particularly problematic and hazardous for unsupervised children. Do not let young children swim alone even if they have received professional lessons. Encourage older children and adolescents to learn to swim.

Pool parties at home during the festive season are a typical recreational activity for South Africans. People are in a celebratory mood, sometimes not noticing children slipping away. Young children are naturally attracted to water, and unsupervised recreational activities can have tragic consequences.

SSA in partnership with Rand Water and National Lottery Distribution Trust Funds Agency proudly invites you and your kids to join the swimming holiday programme. The program starts on the 11th - 20th December 2017 from 09h00 - 14h00.

The Holiday Programme will include 3 Splash activities which will expose communities to aquatics and aquatics programs. They will also help to transfer skills that will help to grow and transform aquatics.
• Pool Splash
• Ocean Splash
• Rural Splash

The intended outcomes are:
• Children will know basic water safety and swimming skills
• Basic lifesaving skills
• Familiar with floatation aids available to the community
• Communities to enjoy water while being safe

Lets stand together to fight drowning’s and support Swimming South Africa’s water safety campaign of making “Every Child a Swimmer” in our community.