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The CANA Zone IV Junior Water Polo Championships Day 03

Durban, Friday, 9th March 2018 - The third day of the CANA Zone IV Junior Water Polo Championships ended with breathtaking performance from both South Africa and Egypt, as they battled it out for a place in the 4th FINA World Junior Water Polo Championships.
The CANA Zone IV Junior Water Polo Championships Day 03

CANA Zone IV Championships 2018

The match ended in an exciting 4-4 draw, while both teams won their earlier games, with Egypt edging out Zimbabwe by 22 goals to 4 and Mzansi’s U18 team also beating Zimbabwe 15-2.

The South African U18 ladies also celebrated their victory against Zimbabwe, with a narrow 9-5 win, while the CANA Championships match between Zimbabwe’s U18B side and South Africa’s U16 team ended 16-5 to the home side.

In the remaining CANA Championships events, South Africa’s men’s U17 won 7-1 to their fellow countrymen in the U16 age group, and also went on to beat Zimbabwe’s U18B side by 23 goals to 2.


Egypt U18 11 vs South Africa U18 3 (Men’s Qualifying event)

South Africa U16 2 vs Zimbabwe U18 15 (Women – CANA Championship game)


11h00 – Zimbabwe U18 4 vs Egypt U18 26 (Men’s Qualifying event)

12h00 – South Africa U17 10 vs Zimbabwe U18 13 (Women – CANA Championships)

17h00 – Zimbabwe U18 7 vs South Africa U18 20 (Women’s Qualifying event)

19h00 – South Africa U18 13 vs Zimbabwe U18 6 (Men’s Qualifying event)


08h00 - Zimbabwe U18 4 vs Egypt U18 22 (Men’s Qualifying event)

09h30 – South Africa U16 1 vs South Africa U17 7 (Men - CANA Championships)

12h30 - South Africa U18 15 vs Zimbabwe U18 2 (Men’s Qualifying event)

14h30 – South Africa U17 23 vs Zimbabwe U18B 2 (Men – CANA Championships)

16h00 – Zimbabwe U18B 16 vs South Africa U16 5 (Women – CANA Championships)

17h30 - South Africa U18 9 vs Zimbabwe U18 5 (Women’s Qualifying event)

19h00 – Egypt U18 4 vs South Africa U18 4 (Men’s Qualifying event)


09h30 - Zimbabwe U18 vs Egypt U18 (Men’s Qualifying event)

11h00 – South Africa U16 vs South Africa U17 (Women – CANA Championships)

12h30 – Zimbabwe U18A vs Zimbabwe U18B (Women – CANA Championships)

14h30 – Zimbabwe U18B vs South Africa U16 (Men – CANA Championships)

16h00 – South Africa U17 vs Zimbabwe U18B (Women – CANA Championships)

17h30 – South Africa U18 vs Zimbabwe U18A (Women’s Qualifying event)

19h00 - Egypt U18 vs South Africa U18 (Men’s Qualifying event)


09h15 - South Africa U18 vs Zimbabwe U18A (Men’s Qualifying event)

10h45 – CANA Women’s Bronze

12h00 - CANA Women’s Final

13h30 – CANA Men’s Final


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