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Club Development

Clubs create a clear pathway from water safety/ learn to swim to club development programme which is equipped to provide the necessary skills that would transform aquatics. Qualified coaches and 2 instructors per club are placed at all the club development sites. Mentorship programs have been formulated between the well established clubs and the new clubs from the previously disadvantaged areas as a formula to ensure sustainability of the clubs in the future.

The programme aims to close disparities created in the past as the programme identifies achieving clubs from the previously disadvantaged communities by providing club and athlete support. The programme also capacitates communities to take ownership of the clubs by forming sustainable club executive structures that would promote aquatics. The clubs have a clear mandate aligned with the National school sport strategy of ensuring that all learners participate in sports on a particular day.

The clubs are expected to host a gala and to also coordinate inter-house and intra-school galas within their area.

The following are the SSA developmental clubs:

  • Superfins - CGA
  • Piranhas - Border
  • Paarl Aquarius - Western Cape
  • Soweto Aquatics - CGA
  • Attridgeville - NTS
  • Umlazi Sharks - KZN



WPA Fun Gala - Blue Downs Indoor Heated Pool, 8 July 2017

At least 300 children and 15 development clubs attended the gala hosted by WPA in conjunction with Western Cape Department of Culture Affairs and Sport & Recreation.

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The event happened on the 25th October 2017 at Warrenton in Northern Cape.

Only 25 kids participated on the day. They will be running this programme every Wednesday until January 2018.

Anita Hoogstander wrote this on Facebook...

A few years back, I opened a docket of a 8/9 year old girl who drowned in Weskanaal, in Warrenton, to see that lifeless body just lying there, I freaked out, I didn't even want to see the moment our Forensic people took her little body out of the water into that van... That night I cried before God and asked Him why? He gave me this vision to help kids who can't swim. I said, "Lord but I can't even swim." But He smiled and said, "Don't you know I know all about you. Just believe in yourself." I started to do research. And the rest is history... Mr Faried Joseph, thanks for the opportunity you gave me. Thanks for that special talent you share with the ret of us. Mr Ernest Seleke, you are a true warrior. Zenobia, thanks sis, for every step we walked together. It takes true friendship to share the same passion. The crew Lifeguards, Jeffrey, Tino, Lerato... Instructors, thanks to you all. Rolihlahla, Thlathlogang and Combined schools, thanks for investing in your beautiful kids. Warrenton Community we have champions amongst us. That "little angel" must be smiling down on us today!!!

Contact person for more information is Faried Joseph - 082 800 4284

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Mozambique (January 2018)

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This year the club was celebrating 40 years of existence. As a norm, every year-end of the season they have an awards function.

The head coach, Isaac Kock started compiling a set of records for the club from the middle 1980’s and since then Paarl Aquarius have Age Group, Open Water, Short Course and Long Course records on file.

Every year-end the club honours the hard-work ship of the athletes by an awards evening function to boost their moral in the sport. The club has put this event together for the last 40 years and they are adamant to see 40 more and even beyond.

The night was made possible by former swimmers and administrators of the club through sponsoring trophies. They had four categories of awards: Novice; Juniors; Seniors and the Top Award.

The night was full of glamour as swimmers, parents and guests dressed up for the prestigious event. Swimmers were very excited to be receiving their awards even though they were stressed, as they did not who was to receive what awards on the night.

Simone vd Merwe, Angus Solomons and Mark Peceur dominated the stage for the night. Simone scooped four awards in the Juniors category while the Senior category was very tight although Angus Solomons managed to walk away with two awards while Mark scooped three including the Swimmer of the Year award.

Other Award Winners were:

Future Prospect - Heiko Basson

Best Performer Beginner - Abigail Kotze

Best Progress Beginner - Minke Hugo

Juniors                                                                                      Seniors

Top Backstroke - Simone vd Merwe                                        Top Backstroke - Aimee-Jane Jepthah

Top Breaststoke - Simone vd Merwe                                       Top Breaststroke - Angus Solomons

Top Butterfly - Anika Hugo                                                       Top Butterfly - Mark Peceur

Top Freestyle - Simone vd Merwe                                            Top Freestyle - Helen Prinsloo

Versatility Award - Simone vd Merwe                                      Versatility Award - Angus Solomons

Best Progress Jnr Swimmer - Frans Cilliers                           Top Open Water Swimmers - Jamie Bossenger; Cianan Danhouse; Helen Prinsloo

Best Prospect Jnr Swimmer - Thomas vd Merwe; Anmi Slabberts

Prestiougus Award - Mark Peceur

Special Mention Award - Angus Solomons

Club Swimmer of the Year - Mark Peceur

Level 1                                    Level 2                                   Level 3

ANMI SLABBERT                   JAYDEN WILLIAMS                LARA BOTHA

THOMAS VD MERWE            JUNIKA HUGO                       ANIKA HUGO

ABIGAIL KOTZE                     FRANS CILLIERS                  LEROUX DU TOIT

HEIKO BASSON                     SIMONE VD MERWE            MARK PECEUR

MINKE HUGO                         KYLA SABBAGHA                 CALEB PECEUR

                                                THOMAS VD MERWE           ANGUS SOLOMONS

                                                                                               CIANAN DANHOUSE

                                                                                               AIMEE-JANE JEPTHAH

                                                                                               HELEN PRINSLOO

                                                                                               KARA CILLIERS



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